Atlanta native, P-Trapp elaborates his truth on single "I'm From Da Hood"

  Born in December of 1983, P-Trapp aka Shaka was raised in Moncks Corner, South Carolina. There in South Carolina P-Trapp called a three-bedroom trailer home. A modest beginning, yet he reminisces back on it as a good life, because his family was still together. Even though P-Trapp was raised in a single parent environment he was still taught the importance of family and rooted in the church. At the age of 15, he was relocated to California and immediately adapted to his new surroundings. P-Trapp’s motto of “different streets, same jungle” aided him in his 8-year residence there in California. Even with this major move, his one constant was music. 

At a young age, P-Trapp learned to play the drums. Before he knew it, he was writing lyrics and watching his musical talents evolve. Life in the streets leads to his incarceration from time to time. However, that didn’t slow down or even stop his destiny. P-Trapp relied daily on pray and meditation to stay focused during these periods. In spite of the many roadblocks has thrown his way, he continues to believe in himself. No matter what, he believes in staying dedicated to his craft and giving it all he has is the only way to find success. Because he is a natural go-getta, P-Trapp has always been motivated to change his life and pursue his dreams. 

While most are in the business to please their peers, P-Trapp is doing it to make his granny proud. To share a meal with her and have her see how well he is doing would be a dream come true. Now P-Trapp is on the fast track for his career in music.  Still taking pleasure in writing his own lyrics, P-Trapp is working with Black HollyHood Entertainment to put his music together and entertain his listeners with celebratory tracks such as Anna Mae. P-Trapp wants to make quality music all while delivering the message of always believing in yourself.


STREAMS Listen to TRAP by P-Trapp #np on #SoundCloud Listen to I'm From Da Hood 🚾 ♿ ♿ ♿ (dirty version) by P-Trapp #np on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/prettrous-wheeler/im-from-da-hood-dirty-version https://open.spotify.com/artist/3aQqLBQXVOkZrCD2qMOT2w

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