[MUSIC VIDEO] PURE - "BALACLAVA" ft. PAPI | @Purific19362509

International artist, Pure teams up with Papi on his single" Balaclava"

  Pure & Papi, the two artists from the UK are coming into the underground trap sub-genre with a new sound. They will bring two new unseen faces into the scene, along with hard-hitting 808's and samples with tasteful lyrics. The "BALACLAVAS" song is directed at people that have hated by both of them, of which will be met with unseen faces behind balaclavas. The video set takes places on the south side of the country with gloomy backgrounds and eerie presence, putting a new meaning into the word dark. 

Pure recently debuts his follow up album "First Gate" to his debut EP "Betweenheavenandhell". The two artists have a single "Lights Out". Pure follows his catchphrase purification which is the process of making the world a cleaner place. The song was produced by BigMag, an upcoming producer, both recorded, mixed and mastered by Pure and Papi, and was recently released with the music video. Both Pure and Papi have been making music over the past 4 years experimenting with different ideas, devaluing into sound design, sampling and different DAW's recently switching to Logic Pro X. Both are coming fresh and new into the music scene with new music in the early summer. 


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