West Coast Rapper, Sabotaj releases the visual to his latest single, "The 5 Elements"

  Leonard Fischer, artistically known as Sabotaj, often looks to the past for inspiration. He turns to films, videos, cartoons, spoken and written word, but none more passionately than music. As an artist, he dissects and interprets these art forms to carefully produce his reflections and rhymes. He is a disciple of the school of hip hop. Sabotaj is determined to make his mark as the legend that never was.
Sabotaj’s introduction to the world of hip hop can be traced back to 1979. That year, the Sugarhill Gang released its groundbreaking track “Rapper’s Delight,” which Sabotaj cites as “a song that was everything to kids growing up in the hood.” The hood he references is South Central Los Angeles where he and his younger brother were raised by his mom and grandmother from a very young age. 
“Music is like a drug. It forever calls me and won’t go away.”
With the weight and pressure of working with a label on hold, Sabotaj kept churning out albums and mixtapes through the years. “When the Fullmoon Strikes” and “The Time Machine” were two mixtapes with over 40 tracks released between 2014 and 2015. As a seasoned artist, he exudes great discipline with his craft, however, he does admit that life milestones have led him to scale back on music production. Like most underground artists, he splits his time between full-time work and supporting his family.  
“I can’t record as much, but I still find the time to work on my craft,” he reflects.
Sabotaj is back with his newest classic "The 5 Elements". As he delivers verses about the core elements that help shaped the culture of hip hop over old school sound production with a touch of the new school flavor. This video was filmed in East Los Angeles and PIco-Union area capturing some of the greatest graffiti murals on the west coast and some of the illest breaking scenes provided by The Legendary L.A. Breakers. "The 5 Elements" of hip hop consist of graffiti, breaking, djing, emceeing, and hip hop producing.


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