Upcoming Rapper, FlyBoyMac releases his latest single, "What You Want" on all Digital Music Platforms

    The new upcoming artist, FlyBoyMAC born as Malcolm Moss is on his way to making a huge impact in the music industry. At the age of 14, he begins recording music and joins a music group called Katalys Productions. A few years later, the group disbanded with no hard feelings due to expected conflicts. During his high school years, FlyBoyMAC's name was given to him because of his style. " I would always be fresh, kicks etc so people would start calling me FlyBoy," says the rapper. FBM set the trend with the snake chain until everybody else started to emulate it. "Mac" comes from the name given by the family.

FlyBoyMac's debut single, "What You Want" is a very big commercial song and a hit for the ladies. The song has catchy lyrical content and an infectious beat that will have you singing several times after hearing it. "I have a big vision for the song; as well as the lyrics, so I am putting it into action as we speak, says FlyBoy. The single " What You Want " takes center stage on March 27, 2019. The budding artist, FlyboyMac is receiving many interview requests from different media outlets as his new journey begins. His first live interview on April 10, 2019, at KCAA Radio captures new fans in California. The single catches the attention of DJ Corey from 88.7 FM in Miami, Fl and will be in rotation on his radio station.   FlyboyMac is a trendsetter that everyone is going to be talking about, so turn your radar on! Be sure to connect with him on all social media outlets and add the single to your favorite digital music platform.

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