W.M.C. Productions' artist, Vision releases her self-titled album, "Vision"

Sheila Lake (Vision), "The Queen of Hooks"  aka "Vision"  is a naturally gifted seven-octave vocal ranged singer and songwriter. As an artist, she is now stronger than ever-creating and designing - music to compliment all genres. Her list of accomplishments ranges from working with headlining acts, videos, and feature films.

SoundCloud Link - https://soundcloud.com/funkahtron/sets/vision/s-9Mpu4 

W.M.C Productions Web Site - https://funkahtron.beatstars.com/ 

Video link - Guilty (Devils Cut) Compilation too Track 7. Guilty (Messiah Mix)https://youtu.be/BivDVscLk3s

For more info: funkahtron.beatstars.com/ 
email: Holla247@me.com

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