What is Music Xray?

What is Music Xray?

Music Xray Makes The A&R Process Rewarding Music Xray is a free platform that helps you harness the best of web 2.0 and the latest music analysis technologies to enhance your A&R efforts, giving you a
competitive advantage It increases the efficiency and accuracy with which
emerging talent and high-potential music can be identified while reducing costs. The effect of increased accuracy is a significant reduction of risk faced by companies and industry professionals who invest in the
marketing & promotion of new songs and acts.

The Challenges Music Xray Addresses

There are currently over 13 million new music artists online, each creating and posting multiple songs each year. Who can even begin to screen all that music? Who even knows where to begin? 
Hey, there's a reason most in this business don't accept unsolicited material, right?
BUT, if you had a way to tap into this vast online resource effectively & efficiently you would gain a competitive advantage.

The Solution

Music Xray is the world's only 21st century A&R platform; the Rolls Royce of professional music & talent discovery. It's where 700+ music industry professionals (including major & indie labels, Grammy-winning producers,
radio stations, bloggers, license agencies and music supervisors) receive song submissions from thousands of songwriters & acts and
consider them for a multitude of exposure and licensing opportunities.

The calculable platform increases efficiency and reduces risk by enabling industry professionals to leverage each others' expertise, use cuttingedge
music analysis software and submission management tools. It also has a smooth interface for painless interaction with artists for those wanting to provide valuable feedback and education.

Key Feature: Automatic song to opportunity matching

Music Xray uses some of the most advanced music analysis software to enable you to upload “seed songs” (songs that sound and feel like the music you'd like to receive as submissions).

Artists who have matching music are alerted that they might have what you're seeking and are given the option to submit their songs to you.

Case example: You'd like a song that sounds like “Satisfaction”so you upload an MP3 of “Satisfaction” as a seed song. Sit back and review your submissions.

Case example: You're seeking a new hit song for Britney Spears so you upload her past three hits plus a song you've heard recently that is illustrative of where you'd like to take Britney's new sound. Once the seeds are uploaded, you'll begin getting relevant submissions..

Result: More of the music you receive will be relevant meaning
you listen to less music that misses the mark.

Key Feature: Collective A&R

Increase your success rate by harnessing the expertise of other professionals.
Case example: You've just received a song you like but there is power in consensus.
 On Music Xray you can see how other industry professionals have rated the same song.
But what if the song in question hasn't been submitted to other professionals on Music Xray? You can submit it yourself to any
professional on the platform and receive their private feedback.

See overall statistics – the top songs and artists as rated by you and your peers. Lock them in and snatch them up before someone else does.

Result: Reduce risk by gaining the consensus of professionals you respect before you make costly decisions.

Key Feature: Killer Analytics

Through our partnership with Next Big Sound you can see how artists are performing across a  multitude of social networks and music consumption sites like Last FM, Facebook, MySpace, Wikipedia,YouTube & more.

Case example: You would consider diving deeper with a particular artist but want to get an initial feel for how they've been doing on their own. Check the stats and get the information you need to  move forward.

Result: Reduce risk by gaining the confidence you need that the

act in question is already onto something.

Key Feature: Comprehensive Overview

Get more than just an audio file. Get the whole picture.

Songs arrive with all the meta data, lyrics, songwriter notes, artist bio, a video clip, artist contact info, an image and other key information.

Result: Artists put their best foot forward and you don't have to
hunt for all the relevant information.

Key Feature: Hassle-free Interaction with Submitters

Easily keep track of submissions and who each song was submitted by.
Mark songs as favorites so you can return to them instantly. Simply mark each song as “selected” “on hold” or “Not Selected” and move on. 
Our system alerts the submitter you got the song and reminds you of the songs you've put on hold..

Provide feedback or a critique and easily send it to the submitter. They can't reply. 
Start a conversation with the submitter. They can reply once for each message you send to them.

Never reveal your direct contact details UNLESS YOU WANT TO.

Result: You control the conversation and NEVER expose yourself to being hassled or hounded. Music Xray keeps it professional.

Key Feature: Instant Focus Groups

Easily conduct a focus group on any song you receive.

1. Choose the number of recipients from 20 to 100.

2. See the results arrive in real time from Music Xray's growing network of engaged music fans.

3. See insightful demographic information on respondents.

Result: Discover which market is most receptive, confirm hunches & reduce risk by gaining confidence.

How do you get started?

1. Simply go to http://www.musicxray.com and open a free account.
 Post your personal or company profile  and open a separate drop box for each of your opportunities.

2. Offset screening costs as well as throttle the number of submissions you receive (keep it  manageable) by setting a submission fee (optional) and decide how long you want the drop box to remain open to submissions.

Final Touches

3. Upload a few seed songs and enter your PayPal email address so we can pay you and that's it.

4. Music Xray will expose your submission opportunity to over 250,000 artists and we'll alert you each time you receive a submission.

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