Music 101- How to Become a Successful Artist

If you want to become a successful artist, learn how it is done.  Thoroughly think about your decision before spending money and time on anything you think that could land you a big deal. Musicians like you, who have gone through some, if not all, of your frustrations.

We have put together some self-testing questions below for you. Your answers to the questions should not be derived from illusion, because they will justify the outcome of your career.

 What is wrong with a proper job?

What do I want to do as musician or artist?

 Which instrument can I play? e.g., Guitar, Keyboard, Drums, etc.

 Am I ready with my first demo?

 Can I write a song?

 Do I need a manager?

 Can I manage myself better than a professional manager?

What is Professional Artist Packaging & Presentation?

How to get money to fund my career?

Why do I need a manager?

 How do I make a proper music registration?

How do I promote myself/band?

Will the audience like me?

“The Basics 101″ was created for one reason; for the concern to many artists and bands because many have failed to help the record company identify their target market or artists and have failed independently. 

To help artists and bands overcome this hurdle and integrate faster into the music business, we are offering the “The Basics 101″ tips on our blog to provide solutions needed to avert a failure. We will label all tips “The Basics 101- Tip #” We help artists and bands plan a start up strategy

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