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Jason C. Waite (born Jason Clinton Waite August 9, 1983), better known by his stage name F.A.M.E (Famous Amongst Many Everywhere) is an American (Belize-an) rapper/song writer from Chicago, Illinois.
F.A.M.E was born Jason Clinton Waite in Chicago,Illinois on August, 9th 1983. His father is a native of Chicago,IL while his mother is a native of Belize. Mainly raised in a single parent home F.A.M.E and his mother lived on the North side of Chicago. Playing sports as a kid, F.A.M.E believed that he would be a professional athlete later on in life, playing Pop Warner football as a youth. F.A.M.E followed that avenue and played high school football, a sever ankle injury in his sophomore year of high school sidelined him and he knew that he would bounce back. It was at this time that F.A.M.E began to write. Writing music motivated him and the more he wrote the more his interest and love for the art grew along with the love for writing, that's when his dreams changed and writing lyrics came with ease. F.A.M.E never recovered fully from his injury but he won’t give up on making a name for himself for doing what he loves.
F.A.M.E began to write music at the age of 17 starting off by writing poetry which gave him the ability to open up his mind and put words together that would have a crowd captivated. Listening to music at a young age he was influenced by the likes of Rakim, Big L, NAS and other pioneers of the hip hop world. Hip hop music motivated F.A.M.E to turn his poetry into music. At the age of 20 the love in which he had for the art of hip hop moved him to take his music to the next level and he began to record his music. In 2010, F.A.M.E recorded his first solo Promo mix-tape that he felt was actually ready to hit the streets, the mix tape included fan favorites ...Who Got It...Motivation and Autograph.

F.A.M.E recorded his first single “I will" in 2001. Since then his flow has always been charismatic, witty, and highly lyrical. From punch lines that can make you think to rhymes that would make you bob your head tap you feet and say he has talent. F.A.M.E. has a hip hop feel to his flow but he strives to be versatile. He has the ability to switch it up and give you quality music regardless the track. While first starting off granted he was not as sharp lyrically; then others, he perfected his craft by competing in lunch room battles and playground ciphers. Being challenged by other Emcees who were more seasoned and smoother with their deliveries made F.A.M.E. just work even harder to stand out and shine. Growing up he began to look up to artist such as Jadakiss, Jay-Z & Lloyd Banks lyrically. When he started people often told him he sounded like a New York rapper.It wasn't until 2007 where he started to acquire his own style. There was still something about him that said Chicago hip-hop and when F.A.M.E. found his own flow he found the ability to make quality music.

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