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Moss Da Beast is a Chicago born and raised Rap/Hip-Hop artist who moved to Nashville for a few years to embrace the southern culture and to expand his music business skills. Currently Moss is touring and embarking on a solo career with a strong 8 year background in management. In August of 2010, Moss released his first solo project with the mix tape perfectly entitled "Almost There" and received great feedback from his fan base with hit songs "They know its me" and "When it get gutta", which was nominated for the hottest single in the 2010 "Hip-Hop in the Ville" awards. With a few more mix tapes following Almost there (all available on and two years later, Moss Da Beast now boasts over 100,000 twitter followers and over 100,000 views on his most famous video to date "Live from the elevator". His first solo album "Let the band play" is scheduled to be released in the fourth quarter of this year, with smash singles that are currently being played on radio stations around the country including "Got that bag" which is available on Itunes, along with "Hangover" and "I apologize" featuring Vyrgo. Moss was once told “I didn’t sell a million records until I met a million people”. So this is the Motto he lives by.

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